Wednesday, January 28, 2015


 Great white pelican
 Hartlaub's gull
 White-fronted plover
 cape gull
 African black oystercatcher
crowned cormorant
 Red-billed spurfowl
 Helmeted guineafowl
 yellow-bellied greenbul
 pale-chanting goshawk
 pied crow
 Marico flycatcher
 blacksmith plover
 greater kestrel
spotted thick-knee
 Great eagle owl
 socialable weaver
 Laughing dove
 Namaqua sandgrouse
 Northern black korhaan
 groundscraper thrush
 African wood-owl
 white-backed mousebird
 crimson-breasted bush shrike
 Goliath heron
 White-browed robin chat
 Arrow-marked babbler
 Swainson's spurfowl
 African jacana
 magpie shrike
 southern carmine bee-eater
 white-fronted bee-eater
kori bustard
African scops owl

African hoopoe
Blue crane
Blue-cheeked bee-eater
Southern yellow-billed hornbill
European bee-eater
Marabou stork
White-crowned shrike
Lanner falcon
Tawny eagle
African pygmy geese
Wattled lapwing
 Emerald-spotted wood-dove
 Black-crowned tchagra
 spur-winged goose
Lesser jacana
 grey hornbill
 Lilac-breasted roller
 double-banded sandgrouse
 Little bee-eater
 Crested francolin
 southern orange bishop
 grey go-away-bird
 blue waxbill


Greater and Lesser flamingos
African openbill
 Abdim's stork
white-headed vulture

 secretary bird (Mike Kent)
 shaft-tailed whydah (Mike Kent)
Wattled crane (Mike Kent)
 Diderik cuckoo (Mike Kent)
Lappet-faced vulture (Mike Kent)
Violet-backed starling (Mike Kent)
Ruppells korhaan (Mike Kent)
 Common waxbill (Jim Wolfe)
 White helmet-shrike (Jim Wolfe)
 Violet wood-hoopoe (Jim Wolfe)
 European bee-eater and red-headed finches (Jim Wolfe)
Green Pigeon (Jim Wolfe)
Brood Parasite (Jim Wolfe)

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